What’s the ‘Adventures in London’ story?

Our story is perfectly magical.

iGoStories is a personalised children’s story book, beautifully illustrated and cleverly written in the fresh and rich approach to the ever-evolving personalised gift offering. As children become increasingly aware of interacting with their books, and other media, they also develop deeper connections with personalised stories. iGoStories has dedicated absolute attention to the growing need for deeper personalisation. Creating your own VERY personal avatar with loads of personal details in the text AND artwork, and turning the page to see what’s next is part of the fun. Children love a bit of hide-and-seek, but don’t we all? On top of our rich artwork, we have a story that is easy and enjoyable to read.

We’ll be telling you more about the backstory of scenes in our book, telling you some fun things about the fabulous locations we’ve used as the backdrop to this gift you’ve given. If you’re lucky, you may have visited (or hope to, someday) London already. We’re certain you haven’t seen it this way before!

We’ve used numerous fascinating historical people, places and legends, making this not only fun, but also reflecting a lovely reflection of history throughout. We are delighted with the questions we have received so quickly about King Tut, with several keen readers noting the recent ITV series, Tutankhamun. starring Max Irons and Sam Neill, seemed familiar, and they were delighted to recognise it themselves! Fabulous.

A few people also asked about Cleopatra and the whole ‘flying carpet’ thing, so that’s in the cards, but not for today…

Today, we want to share with you a bit about our new story. ‘What’s the story’ has been the question most often asked before we started offering our lovely books to customers. Many interested folks just want to know more about the story. So, here it is, as follows, a bit more about it all:

A surprise ‘ticket’ (from you, the gift-giver!) for a journey to London kicks off this adventure tale, taking your beautifully personalised child on a journey to London, where she (or he) is greeted by his host, eccentric Cordelia. It’s England, and Cordelia has class. She offers a wondrous and whimsical afternoon tea. Cordelia’s great library hosts a hidden magical object – something special for your little one! Time portals and clues lead you to Highclere Castle, Harrods and Ancient Egypt. Meet King Tut and Cleopatra, sail up the Nile, ride a flying carpet back to modern London. Visit the London Eye and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Then dream of home… bed time. Our stunning storybook finishes with one of the most personal touches we could dream of, a surprise collection of adorable memories.

So, we hope you enjoy reading and sharing our stories as much as we enjoy creating them with you!


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